Hi, I'm Daniel DiPiazza.

I'm A Best-Selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor to Incredible Humans. My Brilliant Clients Have Generated Over $25MM in Verified Sales Through Their Hard Work and My Guidance. Are You Next?

This Is The Part Where I Brag About Myself...

Here's me on Impact Theory with my friend Tom Bilyeu. Are you impressed yet?

Ok. Well, only if you insist.

All I can say is that I do not know everything.

I am not the most successful entrepreneur in the world. I have not made the most money, sold the most books or garnered the most followers. I have not built an 8-figure business and I do not own a supercar.

What I have created is a life on my own terms, using my unique gifts to do work that has touched the world and compensated me quite well in the process. You can read a more extensive bio here.

Let me get right to the point: I'm not for everybody. And I can't help everybody. It's better if you know what's up beforehand.

Here are the types of entrepreneurs I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses (agency owners, consultants and freelancers)
  • Entrepreneurs who sell physical products online (ecommerce)
  • Entrepreneurs who sell information or knowledge (coaches and course creators)

These are the areas where I've been successful personally and can confidently advise.

More About Daniel DiPiazza

Work With Me

I currently offer two different ways to work with me to achieve your life and business goals. The availability for each program is extremely limited.

Check out the descriptions below for more detailed information.

New Wave Protocol (aka NWP)

The Ultimate Experiential Learning Program For Entrepreneurs

  • For experienced business owners and professionals
  • 12 month duration
  • Outcome goal: develop skills in fighting, survival arts and shamanic practices, build wealth, life-changing experiences w/ new friends
  • Multiple in-person retreats: Self defense, wilderness survival, shamanic healing
  • Focus on traditional financial and cryptocurrency education for wealth building
  • Private community w/ monthly meetings
  • Incredible merch
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New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind

The Strategy and Execution Mastermind For Entrepreneurs

  • For beginning and intermediate business owners
  • 3 month duration (90 days)
  • Outcome goal: Get on the six-figure+ track. Get focused on your big goals, start generating money, level up your mindset. Make a minimum of $10k in 90 days.
  • Attend any of 2 live mastermind / networking events in 2023 (West and East coast USA)
  • Online / digital business trainings
  • Dedicated accountability group
  • Private community w/ monthly meetings
  • Awesome merch

My New Book: The True Artifact

Most people approach life as a process of constant addition, clinging to every scrap of material they can hoard. This is not the way.

We acquire people, possessions and accomplishments in an attempt to “fix” something we perceive to be broken, but cannot actually identify. The secret lies not in a lifetime of addition through personal or professional achievement, but one of subtraction to our original essence.

Removing everything that is not you, you can learn to become yourself. This is the game.

The True Artifact — the groundbreaking new book by bestselling author Daniel DiPiazza — contains 33 timeless transmissions of wisdom in the form of short essays that reveal a new way of finding your purpose and navigating the world.

You can the book for free via digital and audiobook formats here.

Speaking Engagements

Over my career, I’ve been featured on the cover of Foundr Magazine and I've been written about in  Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and TIME Magazine. My writing, videos and podcasts have reached millions.

I’ve spoken on stages all over the world, including The United States Army, NASDAQ and USC.

You can check out the video above to get a sense for how I present material with humor and clarity — click here to see a YouTube playlist with a small collection of my public talks.

If you'd like me to speak at your event, I'd love to hear from you. Click the button below to get in touch.

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Weekly Conversations On Technology, Business, Psychology, Psychedelics & More With Daniel DiPiazza.

“Daniel presents things in a concise, potent and relatable way. Highly actionable steps, with very relevant topics that feel empowering for what is coming in finances, business and entrepreneurship as a whole!”

– J. Früse

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